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    Professional Endorsements

    "Will spark an interest to read more."

    What I like about the book is that the content and illustrations are appropriate for the age group and will spark an interest to read more.

    I love the interactive platform that allows for breaks and is challenging enough to help strengthen reading comprehension. I feel the option 'I'm stuck' is very important and innovative.

    I feel the option of voice over is not only well done but mainly will help strengthen one's reading/decoding abilities as he or she follows the text while listening to the story.

    Overall an excellent idea to bring reading, auditory and visual experience all together for the enjoyment of interesting story telling (in the 21st century) to a person who may otherwise find it challenging.

    Good job!
    Romana Kulikova, MD
    Executive Director, LearningRx Short Hills

    "If they can visualize they can better comprehend and learn."

    Highlighted word, audio, animations, and questions all together help the reader visualize what the story is about. If they can visualize they can better comprehend and learn.

    Really liked how the questions are asked throughout the story instead of at the end. The animations and questions combined help the reader understand/comprehend/remember the story

    I thought the questions were higher level questions and not your basic true/false or multiple choice. There could be multiple answers and you can give a separate answer. These help with critical thinking, comprehension, and simply getting the reader to create an answer on their own instead of simply selecting something based on a guess. A lot of times a multiple choice or a true/false can question can be figured out logically (It's not A or B so it must be C) and the reader can be correct without actually understanding why that is the answer.
    Michael Gerbasio
    Center Director, Learning Rx Short Hills

    "The visual combined with the auditory is a perfect balance."

    The visual tied with the auditory is a perfect balance/combination for someone who might feel challenged by reading. This content is perfect for High Interest and Low readability. These stories/books can help build a love/interest in reading, build vocabulary, reading fluency and background knowledge. In addition, the "I'm stuck" prompt provides students with an easy way to answer and a reminder to ask for help. This takes away embarrassment and frustration as well as providing a reminder that it is OK to ask for assistance.
    Dr. Julie Norflus-Good
    Professor, Special Education, Ramapo College